Career and Technical Student Organizations

All CTE students have an opportunity to join a CTSO (Career and Technical Student Organization).  And for 2021- 2022, traveling to in person events is back on!   
CTSO's offer leadership training, skills practice, Work Based Learning, and competition events at the regional, state, national and international level.  Joining the CTSO gives students a great chance to meet people from all over the world who are interested in the same career pathways, and they are so much fun.  Look below to find out which CTSO's go with your CTE program!  

DECA is available to all interested students through our Marketing program.  It is our biggest CTSO, and every Marketing student is automatically a member of DECA.  How much you participate is up to you!

This year, DECA students have travelled to Phoenix, Mount Lemmon and Boston for leadership events.  They are currently preparing for Regional and State competitions, which includes creating a 10 page small business plan or developing professional selling presentations.  

You can help support DECA by donating to tax credits or gifts and donations.  Please contact Ms. Kelly Christman if you would like to help build this fantastic, award-winning program! 

The National FFA Organization was organized as the "Future Farmers of America" in 1928 in Kansas City, Mo. In 1988, the organization began doing business as The National FFA Organization to reflect the broadening field of agriculture, which today encompasses more than 300 careers in everything from agriscience to biotechnology to turf grass management.   Students in our Agriscience courses can become members of FFA to greatly expand their skills, knowledge and career opportunities in all kinds of agricultural, science and technology fields.

Our FFA students are heading up to Central Arizona College for a day of Career Exploration and competition events.  And the State Competition will be held at the UofA campus later in February.    
If you'd like to know more about this club, including how to make a donation or maybe come be a guest speaker, you can contact CTE Director Sarah Jayne.    
Students in Sports Medicine will be eligible to sign up to join HOSA, or the Health Occupation Students of America CTSO.  Through HOSA, students will participate in leadership training, field trips, and competitions. 

HOSA members are currently planning on attending the state competition at the Westin La Paloma resort in February, where they can show off both medical and professional skills while meeting like-minded friends and business professionals from all over Arizona.   

 If you'd like to support student travel and Work Based Learning experiences through donations or tax credits, or for questions about HOSA, you can contact our teacher and Athletic Trainer, Jenna Scheeland.
Skills USA
SkillsUSA offers leadership training, business and industry connections and competitive events in the fields of Precision Manufacturing, Film and TV, Mechanical Drafting, and Digital Photography.  If you're in any of these classes, your teacher will tell you more about how to join this club.  
SkillsUSA Members are currently planning a community service event that helps to build amazing outdoor spaces on the Tanque Verde Elementary campus.  They'll be using their skills in Solidworks to plan the landscape, and then raise funds to help purchase the plants and materials!  

 If you have questions about SkillsUSA Competitions, or would like to suggest a fundraiser  or  donate  to support this club, please contact Mr. Bidegain or Mr. Riffle.   
Students in Stagecraft and Theatre classes can join the International Thespian Society, so named for the first ever Greek actor, Thespis himself!  Stagecraft students can compete in set, sound, lighting, and costume design through various festivals and competitions. Students also design, build, and/or support a wide variety of shows and events throughout the school year.
Our Thespians got to travel up to the Phoenix Convention Center for Festival last October, and are currently working on set, costume, lighting and sound design for our big musical in April!   

If you'd like to volunteer to help on build days, or make a donation to our Theatre department, you can contact Mr. Matthew Copley.